Gary Numanのインタビューより。彼が影響を与えたミュージシャン達について、興味深い発言をしています。 was going to ask you later, but tell us how and why Trent is such an inspiration? For this writer, I really see so many similarities in your life and music.
Gary: I think that my way has not really been about musical virtuosity. You won’t find long guitar solos. It’s more about music and atmosphere, more like a movie soundtrack, the way that I put music together. I really admire people that use sound like that, and so that’s why I really admire Trent the most. If you take a group of people that will approach a song in the same way — and there are very few people that will approach that song in a very different way — and they are very clever and very smart about it. That is what Trent does, and that is what I have been trying to do over the years, to a lesser extent. I just think he is brilliant. In 1997, when you were supporting Exile. It all seemed to come full circle when Marilyn Manson joined you on stage to play “Down in the Park”. Tell us about that experience? He’s not too unlike your early hero, David Bowie.
Gary: That was kind of a weird one, because the record company came and told us that Brian Warner wants to come on stage with you and I did not know who that was. I am like, “Who the fuck is Brian Warner? I am not just having any old fucker come on stage with me,” but they were like, “That is Marilyn Manson.” He was just finishing his Mechanical album and it was at the same gig that we had Wayne Huffy from The Mission UK.


より。ホノルルのTOOLライブの詳細なレビューです。メタリカのカーク・ハメット氏の乱入についても触れています。会場内では一切撮影できなかったそうです。Rosetta Stonedでメガホンを使ったそうです。そういうライブ写真を良く目にするけど、この曲はそれがデフォなの?

The highlight of the night came during the seventh song of the set, when Metallica’s Kirk Hammett was introduced as a special guest on “Sober”. While Jones is no slouch on the ax, Hammett appeared to feed off the crowd’s energy and turned in a searing solo before leaving the stage with hugs from everyone in the band.


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