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こちらもファンフォーラムより。マンソンとトゥイギーが書いている新譜について、マンソンの友人である、マジシャンのRudy Coby氏にファンが質問しました。「トゥイギーのAPCやNINなどでの経験を全て露にした、狂気に満ちた、ACSS並みのヘヴィーさと、ピンク・フロイドのような実験性を併せ持つ傑作だ」と語っています。おお!

“You’re not being rude, you’re just being sincere – that kind of excitement is welcome and encouraged.
I’ve heard the new album so many times that I practically know all the words (not really because they’re so complex, but enough that’s what I find myself singing to myself in the car, etc)
Without giving anything away – (I’m a Magician, after all, and keeping secrets to someone who trusts me is my bond) – I’d say what stands out is how fucking raw and heart-felt the lyrics are on this one. Blood oozes out of the speakers on this one. Twiggy being back and allowed to fucking go crazy is a revelation – everything he absorbed being in A Perfect Circle or NIN but was held back from doing is laid bare here.
The people who long for the heaviness of Antichrist Superstar are going to shit their fucking pants – Manson has a better word than ‘heavy’ to describe it that is apt, but I’ll let him tell the tale when the time comes. But…. Holy Fucking Shit.
My favorites are the ones that he played me last that he had ‘forgotten about’ – which shows you the strength of this album. Think about that for a minute: my favorites are not the first, second, third, seventh or even tenth ones he played for me. Wow. There is way too much for just one record.
I read one of the descriptions of one of the songs as the new ‘Para-Noir’ which kind of confirms you can’t really compare what’s on this record to the past. To me it’s more like Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin mated and their children covered ‘Doppelherz’ while slowly bleeding to death in a porno house on 42nd Street before it was taken over by Disney (but maybe that’s just me)
But I digress….
I could talk about this for a week without giving away specifics but know this: Manson is at his strongest and most powerful in all the years that I’ve known him. The excitement I feel for the guy and what 2009 is going to be like for him cannot be expressed in words.”

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