It was Travis Keller’s strangest Christmas Eve on record; the writer and music know-it-all, whose merciless skewering of rock’s elite made Buddyhead the most loved and feared source of music criticism online, was enjoying the comfort of his couch, hanging out with a friend and watching some stupid holiday movies when the phone rang. “Can you get us some cocaine?” asked the voices on the other end. Keller was sober and declined. But it was Jeordie White and Marilyn Manson and they pressed on, urging Keller to come hang out anyway.
When Keller arrived in West Hollywood at the Le Montrose suite, Manson answered the door, nearly unrecognizable. The shock-rocker stood in the doorway, wearing a Von Dutch trucker cap ― sideways ― and a white shirt covered in stains, pulled over his beer belly. It was a far cry from the pancake makeup, flamboyant gothic attire or bondage gear associated with the frontman.
Keller busts into laughter as he retells the story, “I was like, ‘You’re Marilyn Manson?’ I remember thinking he’s going to come out with some kind of cape on. I’d never met him before and thought he’d be hanging out in a coffin. He’s nothing like that.”
Inside the suite, Keller recalls cocaine spilling off the kitchen counter while a superparanoid Manson ran around in circles repeating, “Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend. Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend.” The off-limits girlfriend was a certain young actress, then just 20 years old. “They called her ‘Snowflake’ because I guess when they played shows, she’d hold all the coke,” Keller claims.
While the rest of the party hoovered cocaine, Keller plugged his iPod into the stereo and cranked up Led Zeppelin. Manson told Keller he’d flown to the U.K. for the one Zeppelin reunion gig that November but got bored after the band played “Stairway to Heaven,” because it was the only song he knew. At that moment Manson may as well have painted a big, red target on his Von Dutch trucker cap. Keller exploded, “Poser! You’re in a rock band and you don’t know Led Zeppelin?”

ケラーがウェスト・ハリウッドのLe Montroseのスイートに到着した時、ドアで出迎えたマンソンは、ほとんど彼とは判らなかった。戸口に立ったショック・ロッカーはVon Dutchのトラッカー・キャップを被り――余談だが――そして染みだらけの白いシャツを、彼のビール腹の上に垂らしていた。それはゴシック・ロックのリーダーに関連した、パンケーキ・メーキャップや華麗なゴシック衣装、ボンデージ・ギアとはおよそかけ離れた姿だった。
パーティーの他の連中がコカインを吸引している間に、ケラーは彼のiPodをステレオに挿して、レッド・ツェッペリンを流し始めた。マンソンはケラーに、彼が11月に、ツェッペリンの再結成公演のために英国に飛んだが、バンドが「天国への階段」を演奏した後で、それが彼の知っていた唯一の曲だったので退屈したと話した。その瞬間、マンソンは彼のVon Dutchのトラックキャップとお似合いのレベルだったかも知れない。ケラーは憤慨した、「この偽物野郎!てめえはロッカーの癖にレッド・ツェッペリンすら知らないのか?」
彼は笑う。「俺のママでさえ、マンソンより多くのレッド・ツェッペリンの歌を知っている。俺はそれを一晩中歌えるだろう。俺は‘Black Dog’か何かを掛けて、『今までにこの曲を聴いたことがあるかい、うすのろ野郎?』と聞いてやりたいね。あいつはとんでもない低能だ。奴はフロリダのセブンイレブンで働いたほうがマシだよ」


soon to be buried in a shallow grave
2009年07月26日 (日曜日)
I can, but do not need to defend myself And the absurd accusations that the average press has clinged onto. If we need a nude photo of me to prove that I am far different than the soon-to-be-murdered-in-their-home press has decided to fabricate, that is easy. But if one more “journalist” makes a cavalier statement about me and my band, I will personally or with my fans help, greet them at their home and discover just how much they believe in their freedom of speech. I dare you all to write one more thing that you won’t say to my face. Because I will make you say it. In that manner. That is a threat. Mm


トレント様がTwitterをこっそり更新しています。今までも時々やってたけどね、”Health, Fuck Yeah!”とかさ。まだ嫁さんの悪口を言われた事をグチグチ言ってます。もうその話はいいよ・・・。,794299

Updates from the road:
07/28/09 10:23 AM
Thanks for the interest in the final NIN shows! We sold out amazingly fast and I’m sorry for those that tried to get tickets but couldn’t. Regarding the way we sold the tickets (through and TicketMaster) – we’re trying our best here. Please let me know how the paperless TicketMaster shit goes from a user perspective – I got talked into it.
As far as NIne Inch Nails goes, these are the last shows for the foreseeable future. I’ve explained the reasons in various interviews so I won’t go into it further here. I am NOT stopping making music or working on things – NIN is just not touring anymore. will remain active and alive with lots of updates planned.
Blackberry NIN app / Android: the Blackberry version has been much more difficult than expected and will obviously not be done in time for any NIN shows. It’s not dead, but it’s not right around the corner. Android – the priority was on the BB version, so don’t hold your breath. Apple 3.0 bug-fix: finished for over a month but rejected by Apple a second time for reasons so stupid it’s not worth going into.
Twitter: Yes, I deleted my account and I’ll explain why since somehow someone apparently thinks this is newsworthy.
Twitter seemed like an interesting way to quickly reach a large number of people, and people that seem to exist outside of the world of fans. For a while, I found it useful to read replies and get a sense of what people are thinking / saying, and this worked well for a while. As I’ve mentioned in other letters, the key to understanding your audience / fan-base is to engage them and understand them. The results of me doing this with NIN include the way we sell tickets on, the way we’ve distributed the last records, the multitracks available for free download for you to remix, the Creative Commons licensing, the open camera / recording policy for live shows, no fan-club fees, the tour music samplers, the open design of, etc etc etc. I could keep going because pretty much everything we’ve been doing with NIN lately has been based upon what you as an audience think would be a cool way to do it.
Most of these policies and approaches have nothing to do with Twitter, but it was another tool to see what people think about things and get feedback.
Then… around the time news broke of my engagement, a faction of troublemakers showed up whose sole intent was to disrupt, harass, insult and incite. Let me explain to you why simply blocking on Twitter was not a solution. If you are interested in someone on Twitter, you can follow their updates. I’ve noticed however many people want to see the replies that user gets to have a sense of a thread of information / thoughts. You do this by searching the user’s name you’re interested in. When I started getting relentlessly reply spammed by these few individuals with harassment ranging from hoping I overdose to calling my fiancee racist slurs hundreds of times a day, YES – I could (and did) block them, but everyone else reading my replies sees ALL of that nonsense. So, I am providing a platform for this rubbish to be broadcast to my fanbase, which I am not going to participate in. I discussed this with some friends at Twitter who acknowledged the problem with a “yeah, um, we’re thinking about doing something about that – people are complaining” response. Not good enough. As I’ve said, Twitter’s interests lie in getting the most users and hype possible, then cash in for the big sale – and fair enough, they’ve come up with an interesting product.
Last night, I had the pleasure of trying to explain this message to an understandably upset Veronica De La Cruz:
@AndreaUrbanFox someone got balls at last! Hey, can I have some of that #Eric money? The dude’s dead, he doesn’t need it lol
She saw this message because anything with the #Eric hashtag appears on I tried to explain to her this person is just a lonely, obsessed, delusional, bitter “fan” who recently posted how the celebrity she’d most like to date is ME. She spends countless hours a day obsessing over me, my fiancee and NIN resorting to ANYTHING for attention. In a reasonably moderated community, these people can be made to vanish – on Twitter, it’s a free-for-all – hence they flock there. It depresses me to think my art and life’s work can attract this kind of scum, and trying to explain to Veronica why someone would stoop to that level of ignorance for attention – and it’s someone that because of me is in her world causing her pain… well, it sucks. If that was your intention you trolling, cowardly pigs – you’ve succeeded.
Moving on.
Although this tour has been fairly brutal in terms of length, travel and schedule – we as a band are very much looking forward to playing these last shows and we never take for granted the support you’ve shown and proven over the years. My best work is yet to come – watch and see.
Thank you.



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