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“Locals Rule. I think. Odd, living in L.A all my life and taking for granted my environment, my city.
But one night, just a few months ago, I bumped into Marilyn Manson at one of my locals and together we crawled the city a bit; where he lived, where I lived, where we ate and drank and were we have been entertained. We traveled the roads to those places on streets that had become too familiar. And then I reflected back on that brief journey and traced that trip (with photographs). I connected buildings and streets, freeways, storefronts and trees with a BORN VILLAIN at my side. Here it is but with a little mood music to set my mood.”
–Shia LaBeouf
だが、ある夜、つい数ヶ月前に、俺は地元でマリリン・マンソンにばったり出くわして、一緒に街をぶらついたんだ、奴が暮らして、俺が暮らして、そこで飲み食いしたり楽しんだその場所を。俺達はストリートの馴染みのありすぎる場所を一緒に徘徊した。そして俺は、その短い旅行の行程を(写真と共に)振り返った。俺はビル、ストリート、ハイウェイ、店先、そして木々を俺自身のBorn Villainに結びつけた。それはここに、少しばかりのムードを演出する音楽と共にある」


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