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ファンがDLしたNine Inch Nailsのライブ映像のまとめサイトのご案内だそうです。


1.14.09: Lights In The Sky Tour Video Projects
The wealth of live tour footage that recently surfaced was released with the hope that fans will come together to edit a wide variety of video content, from music videos to full DVDs. Several different projects to this effect are already underway, and we’ve created a new forum to help everyone keep organized.

In the new forum you can find downloads of materials, seek out others who may have footage of their own, and join groups of fans who are working on various editing projects. And if you just want to view the results, keep an eye on the video galleries – particularly Victoria, Portland, Sacramento, and the fan video gallery.
And watch, as we’ll be highlighting some of the best video creations we come across as we find them.
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